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Arod v Crawford in 2012

Posted: October 1, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

Gabriel was back again this week and thinks Arod will be better than Crawford next year.  I say BS!  Winner to be determined by 5×5 categories.  Let’s make if for a Cream soda!


The Mayor of Crazy Town

Greg is now the official self proclaimed “Mayor of Crazy Town” after rolling his Are You Crazy? segment into 3 board bets.  Greg has 5-1 odds from Jason, Patrick and Mike that Danny Espinosa of the Nationals will be a top 20 fantasy baseball player next year.  Greg went on the babble that he’ll “tickle” 30/30 – good luck loony tunes.


Lo Mo is Blow Mo

Posted: August 19, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

they call me mello yellow...

Patrick says Lo Mo will be a $20 batter according HQ NL only, Marta say $19 and under and will win easily.

Old Fantasy Baseball Board Bets

Posted: August 5, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

We’ll throw them up as we dig them out, here are some from the end of 2010 and earlier this year

5/26 Jose Contreras vs. Ryan Madson in saves the rest of the way, Jason takes Contreras, Greg takes Madson, Mike takes Madson -5 saves

5/26 Josh Tomlin: Jason takes sub-4.00 ERA the rest of the way, Mike takes over

4/13 Jason vs. Patrick in Experts League

3/23 Greg takes over 16 homers Wilson Betemit, gang takes under

3/23 Patrick takes under 18 saves Brandon Lyon, gang takes over WIN PATRICK

2/23 Patrick takes Jose Bautista under 25 homers, the gang takes over WIN GANG

10/5 Greg takes the Rays, Jason takes the Rangers in playoffs – WIN JASON

9/28 Mike takes Homer Bailey, Greg takes Carlos Zambrano for 2011 overall stats

9/14 Patrick takes Wade Davis, Jason takes Jeremy Hellickson for 2011 overall stats

8/31 Patrick takes Brandon Morrow, Jason takes Dan Hudson for 2011 overall stats

Hooray Beer

The 40 and Over Club Gets Marta Paid!

Posted: August 5, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

Tony Cincotta was a guest tonight and had a great are you crazy, ‘Nobody swats 40 HRs on the year’.  He was generous enough to give me the field so I say someone, probably Bautista, will mash 40 HRs or more.  Tony was in a Euro-mood so here’s an Orangina to the winner!

Strasmas in September

Posted: July 23, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

One "root beer with bite" is on the line

Marta has the over on Dayan Viciedo 5 HRs AND Stephen Strasburg 3 Ws for the rest of 2011, Dicaprio has the under on both.  Ties or winning only one category is a push.

Wager is 1 Barq’s Root Beer and looser has to sing a jingle of the winner’s favorite team (Mets for Dicaprio and evil Yankees for Marta)