Are You Crazy


8-Sep, Greg – Danny Espinosa will be a top 20 fantasy player next season

4-August,  Tony C – no one will hit 40 HRs in the 2011 season – Patrick and Greg say totally bonkers

April or May, Greg says Javier Vazquez will have 2 months with sub-3.00 ERA, sub 1.10 WHIP and 25 + Ks, everyone else says he’s nuts

13-Apr, Greg says Doug Fister at home takes at least 3 out 4 vs. Liriano’s overall stats: K/9, Wins per start, WHIP, ERA – Patrick and Jason – crazy, Mike not crazy

26-Ma, Patrick says White Sox (9 games back) will win the division by at least five games

4-Jan, Patrick – Dexter Fowler will out-perform Carlos Gonzalez in 2011


12-Oct Patrick – Matt Wieters will not be a top 20 mixed league catcher in 2011

5-Oct Greg – Nelson Cruz top 10 outfilder in 2011 – Jason and Mike say not crazy

28-Sep Mike – Marc Rzepc will outearn David Price in 2011

21-Sep Greg – RA Dickey will be a top-10 fantasy baseball pitcher in 2011

14-Sep Patrick – Brett Gardner will be a top 15 offensive hitter in 2011

31-Aug  Greg – Trevor Cahill will win the AL Cy Young in 2011 – a shoe in he says…

  1. Greg M says:

    Were it not for a tie in the W category I would have won the Liriano v Fister AYC from April

    I did totally crushed the Javier Vazquez bet in April or May – I forget but remember getting laughed off the air!

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