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Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show August 25

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This week’s Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show: Aaron Hill, Kelly Johnson, Starlin Castro, Scandinavian women and the value of strikeouts.



The Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show August 19

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Podhorzer ate these in South Dakota

This week’s show with Mike Podhorzer’s return from eating bulls balls in SD, Marta and I make a bet and I make a plea for something good, for once. Plus, Bobby Parnell, Jason Heyward, Carl Crawford and an Are You Crazy that actually was crazy.



Lo Mo is Blow Mo

Posted: August 19, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

they call me mello yellow...

Patrick says Lo Mo will be a $20 batter according HQ NL only, Marta say $19 and under and will win easily.

Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show Aug 14

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Here is this week’s show!



Jordan Lyles Board Bet

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Marta says Jordan Lyles will be a “star”.   The PCL works both ways and he held his own and is doing so at the majors.  Despite some bumps he has a 3/1, K/BB rate and is only 20 years old.  Invest now people!

Mike and Jason say “no” so it’s on the board!

A "daddy soda" is on the line

Old Fantasy Baseball Board Bets

Posted: August 5, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

We’ll throw them up as we dig them out, here are some from the end of 2010 and earlier this year

5/26 Jose Contreras vs. Ryan Madson in saves the rest of the way, Jason takes Contreras, Greg takes Madson, Mike takes Madson -5 saves

5/26 Josh Tomlin: Jason takes sub-4.00 ERA the rest of the way, Mike takes over

4/13 Jason vs. Patrick in Experts League

3/23 Greg takes over 16 homers Wilson Betemit, gang takes under

3/23 Patrick takes under 18 saves Brandon Lyon, gang takes over WIN PATRICK

2/23 Patrick takes Jose Bautista under 25 homers, the gang takes over WIN GANG

10/5 Greg takes the Rays, Jason takes the Rangers in playoffs – WIN JASON

9/28 Mike takes Homer Bailey, Greg takes Carlos Zambrano for 2011 overall stats

9/14 Patrick takes Wade Davis, Jason takes Jeremy Hellickson for 2011 overall stats

8/31 Patrick takes Brandon Morrow, Jason takes Dan Hudson for 2011 overall stats

Hooray Beer

Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show August 4

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This week we welcome Tony Cincotta, maybe the best in the business, to go over the trade deadline winners and losers, the prospects of Paul Goldschmidt, who is unranked in our Mixed League rankings, and Tony and Greg make a bet over Tony’s Are You Crazy.

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