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Trimmed again to get the time down, the new open is closer, here’s v3 hopefully we can use for this week’s podcast

The new, new open.  Jason confirmed my suspicions that the original below was too long – it was pushing 2 minutes.  Here’s one with few changes that shaves 15 seconds.

After 4 months of deep thought and combing through hours of show tape, here’s the new opening for The Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show podcast.

Special thanks to Soundgarden and ESPN’s 30 on 30 for the samples


The Puffy Taco

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On the other hand here is my wonderful choice of best mascot–The Puffy Taco!

Cosmo The Las Vegas 51’s Mascot

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Here is some info on Greg’s ridiculous “best mascot” choice of Cosmo

The Roundtable Show For July 28

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Here is tonight’s show! RoundtableJuly28.  This week Greg and I go head to head on some topics in the new Hot Seat. yes we rip off our segments from ESPN. Topics discussed include:

– Who’s the next ‘big thing’ in fantasy baseball that’s off the radar right now?

-Biggest surprise of 2011 season from a fantasy baseball perspective?

-Who gets the most saves that is not closing now?
-Hottest cartoon character

-Colby Rasmus will flop in AL

-Carlos beltran will hit fewer HR/AB in SF than NY

-Dustin Pedroia on track to be HOFamer

-Best thing I have eaten in a ballpark is:

-Pedro Alvarez will never be an all star

-Best sports movie is

AND even more!!

In Honor of A Wonderful Dying Child

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The face.

Children have the most expressive faces. Their emotions are so intense, for good or ill, and they wear them on their faces. Joy, laughter, excitement; all of these are on display when you meet a happy child. There is nothing quite like seeing that joy on a child’s face.

These children are not yet beaten up or perverted by the world. They are innocent of the horrors that adults see every day. And we wish we could feel that excitement, that joy, that sheer intensity of happiness even if only for a fleeting moment. Children have no shame, no self consciousness and no care for what the world thinks. They live unencumbered by self-doubt, completely unworried that anyone would judge them.

That ability is what shows in their faces.

If only we could live our lives that way as adults. We are so worried about what others think, and so we do not live as we desire but live as we are expected to. We are afraid of risk, of dying alone, of failing. It is our ruin. If we could slough it off like a snake shedding its skin we could be better people, better human beings.

She has that face (name omitted for privacy).

That ability, despite being about to face the most gut-wrenching adversity, an abyss that most adults could not handle, to light up other’s hearts, other’s souls with that smile. That open-mouthed, wide-eyed sense of wonder, of freedom, of joy is reflected in that face, that smile. She does not know what harrowing road lies in front of her. She only sees a new toy, a Dora the Explorer book that plays music and to her it is enough to light up her face with a simple bliss.

She is dying of cancer at age three.

I am 41 years old, and have seen my fair share of adversity. We all have. And even in our darkest days very few of us have faced this enormous loss, this utter slap in the face and stark reminder of how unfair the world is.  Few of us know the heartache that her guardian will go through. Her parents are not in the picture; the road ahead after her diagnosis was so tough that they begged out. Thankfully for Nema, this fact is lost on her.

Did you know her favorite color is purple? That she loves Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles? Standard fare for most kids. Parents take it for granted that we can take our kids to see the show, that our kids will grow out of these phases when they want to wear fairy wings to the supermarket, and walk around in their mommy or daddy’s shoes so that they can be a big boy or girl. We remember these moments, perhaps not as much at the time as we should.

Even then she smiles.

She wanted to see the Wiggles. But she was in the hospital, in pain from multiple tumors. And yet despite this she is happy to talk about the Wiggles or Yo Gabba Gabba, and that infectious, innocent smile gets even bigger when hearing music. That smile! The fact that she didn’t see them causes her no pain. But thinking about them and their music brings only delight.

Having to see that, to bear witness to both the greatest joys that life has to offer juxtaposed by its basest most terrible lows makes you think about the world, makes you feel differently about the world in ways that you cannot describe (or perhaps I am just not good enough to describe them). Do you know what it is like to want to be a better human being? To be a better father? To be a better man? Because of a little girl with whom you have spent 30 minutes?

Now I do.

It changes you to meet someone like her, how could it not?  Her guardian was told, upon deciding she was terminal, to “enjoy her. And when the pain gets too bad, we will readmit her.” What comes after that is obvious. You need proof that God doesn’t affect what happens here on earth? Here it is, along with  a million other examples. Perhaps he is crying with us.

Right now I am looking at a picture of my own, smiling 20-month-old. She has that smile, that face. My daughter has the same joy, wonder and happiness that she does.  And in that smile I will always think of her, and the profound affect she had on me, making me, no, inspiring me to be a better father and a better man.

Postscript: The purpose of this article is to bring attention to the Make A Wish Foundation, for which I volunteer and through which I had the opportunity to meet this little girl, whose life moved me more than I ever expected. If you have never heard of them please look at their site and consider volunteering or donating.

Her wish is to go to the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando to see Dora and Yo Gabba Gabba. It takes a lot of money to grant wishes, so please consider donating.


Strasmas in September

Posted: July 23, 2011 by Greg M in Board Bets

One "root beer with bite" is on the line

Marta has the over on Dayan Viciedo 5 HRs AND Stephen Strasburg 3 Ws for the rest of 2011, Dicaprio has the under on both.  Ties or winning only one category is a push.

Wager is 1 Barq’s Root Beer and looser has to sing a jingle of the winner’s favorite team (Mets for Dicaprio and evil Yankees for Marta)

The Fantasy Baseball Roundtable Show July 21

Posted: July 22, 2011 by Pat DiCaprio in Podcasts

Here is tonight’s show! We discuss the AL MVP race, the Mets’ and Padres’ bullpens and the best baseball books. Plus a really crazy Are You Crazy segment!